ARCHETIPO Project And Communication


 by Simone Antonioni,Alberto Boni, Simona Diacci. Archetipo is a no-home party.





“Archetipo” in the view of psychologist Carl Gustav Jung is about a primitive mental image, that is part of the collective unconscious and reveals itself through symbols present in every culture of human history.
It is not possible to reach the archetype in a direct way, but you can perceive its effects through every kind of psychic manifestation: dreams, visions, arts, products of the imagination, myths and religions.




The "Collective Unconscious" involves the past generations experiences from the beginning of humanity.
Every human being gets these values without needing to learn them.
The "Collective Unconscious” is universal and unvarying, it expresses itself through myths and it’s present in every human being, we can define it as “a world of images”




Archetipo as a place where people are reunited and share values, Archetipo as a place where symbols take forms through different form of arts (design, arts, music, poetry)





The project will feature different artists from every discipline.
The concept of “Archetipo” will be realized with performers, and an accurate visual experience through a special set-up, there will also be gadgets and much more...




The residents are Evil Twin and Trinity, who will also select all guests




Carpets, Textures, Towels, Lamps, Warm Lights, props and Installations The atmosphere will be evocative and full of symbols. 






Pics From Archetipo @Morphine Cocoricò 07.03.2015

& 04.07.2015 & Sacrestia (Mi) 14-11-2015

The Entrance 

Performer Giorgia Nardin

Live Painting By Lorenz

La Reve @Archetipo Sacrestia Milan 



Evil Twin, Trinity, Le Rêve,Klaus Miser, Von Brota, Emanuele Bonini, Sara Bruciamonti, Ubi Broki, Lorenz, Giorgia Nardin, Marco Bandieri,

Giacomo Mesini.