Evil Twin Live Show



Evil Twin's Live show is technically easy to set up but it has a very strong visual impact.

If the venue where it takes place is dark, you can achieve great light effects with the use of just one projector, which needs to be placed about 2/3 meters behind the performance scene.

Lights effects are created with a video that is projected on the musicians, and in conjunction with a smoke machine you can see different colors appearing clearly and creating a very special atmosphere.

We also have devised a special instrument built from an ancient chandelier. When a drum stick hits the chandelier, the sound is captured by a piezoelectric microphone, then the signal is fed to an audio interface, and by processing it with several Ableton Live

effects very special sounds are produced.
This instrument also has a light system, in fact when it's hit, it lights up. Moreover, there are other midi controllers, a Roland TR-8, and a guitar. 


30/04/2015 Teatro Drama - Modena, IT

29/05/2015 Dude Club - Milano, IT 

09/10/2015 Robot Festival - Bologna, IT

11/10/2015 Elita Cobianchi - Milano, IT

18/10/2015 Ozono Festival - Bologna, IT

21/10/2015 Diagonal Loft Club - Forli, IT

01/11/2015 MACRO, Teatri Di Vetro - Roma, IT 

14/11/2015 Farmacia Alcolica - Milano, IT

21/11/2015 Laika MVMNT - Modena, IT

11/09/2016 Eleva Festival - Reggio Emilia, IT

24/09/2016 Room Mate Giulia - Milano, IT

05/10/2016 Robot Festival - Bologna, IT

08/10/2016 Robot Festival - Bologna, IT

19/11/2016 Kunstlerhaus Parkstrasse - Berlin,DE

15/12/2016 Diagonal Loft-Club - Forli, IT

21/04/2017 Soulcatcher Festival III - Berlin, DE

25/05/2017 Spektrum - Berlin, DE

11/08/2017 It's a Bar - Berlin, DE

01/09/2017 Coffi Festival@kühlhaus - Berlin, DE

04/11/2017 Visibile Festival - Berlin, DE
03/11/2017 Off - Bologna, IT

21/10/2017 It's a Bar - Berlin, DE
25/10/2017 Kulthum - Leipzig, DE